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Emmanuel Fotopoulos

CEO & Chief Architect
Registered Architect 

Emmanuel, a graduate of the University of Venice (IUAV) in Italy, holds a Diploma in Engineering Architecture and brings over 35 years of experience in the fields of architecture and engineering. Throughout his career, he has cultivated a diverse portfolio of over 1500 projects spanning various scales and complexities. He is fluent in Greek, Italian, and English.

He is one of the two Founders of EFTEKTON Architects & Engineers Firm and he is the Chief Architect being involved in every single project of the Firm. 

He has specialized in the design and construction of a variety of hotel units, detached houses and special buildings. He has proven his professional ability in managing a large volume of projects, overseeing buildings in all phases of their construction. His experience also includes working with entire teams of professionals, such as architects, engineers and contractors, in order to ensure the successful completion of projects.

He emphasizes that the following saying of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio is the main pillar of an architect: 'Architecture is the beginning of art, and art is the beginning'.

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