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EFTEKTON Architects & Engineers Firm was founded by Emmanuel Fotopoulos & Maria Papadimitriou, Architects.  

Conceptually, eftekton is a compound word consisting from the greek term EF (Eph) which states the good meaning of the second word, and the ancient Greek TEKTON a common term for a craftsman, especially a builder, a woodworker, a mechanic or an Engineering Professor. 

Since its establishment in 1989 EFTEKTON has been practicing in Architecture, Engineering & Construction projects from small to large scale, throughout Greece, producing 52 projects on average every year. 

Our People


Emmanuel Fotopoulos

CEO & Chief Architect

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Maria Papadimitriou

Vice President & Senior Architect


Nikolaos Fotopoulos

Civil & Mechanical Engineer


Dionisios Fotopoulos



Marios Fotopoulos

Junior Architect


Aristedes Charitonides

Civil Engineer

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-06-07, 7.55_edited.jpg

Ioannis Fotopoulos

Civil Engineer


Nikolaos Kostouros

Mechanical Engineer


Xanthippos Fotopoulos

Junior Architect


George Plakas - Licensed Mechanical Engineer

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